Wednesday, September 21

...someday I'll come back to this blog....

So here are the things that have changed in my life since I last wrote here:

  • Started using my Musicmaster to play out a little more. It's awesome. It makes me rely on pedal-based overdrive since it doesn't have a Master Volume, but I've been doing that anyway. It's also way lighter than my Blues Jr. and it sounds wonderfully hand-wired. If that's even a thing it can sound like.
  • Took my Strat in for a complete setup and my Mustang in for repairs. Free plug for Skip Goez. He knows what's up.
  • Am switching bank accounts. Bank of America has earned my ire.
  • Wrote a whole new Mass for the upcoming changes. The non-Catholics here probably have no idea what that means, but it's kind of a big deal. I will hopefully have some YouTubes up at some point; right now I'm working on finding some compositional software to get it all written out professionally. Any suggestions?
  • Speaking of writing, I've had two different book ideas pass through my head, and I need to get started on two talks that will be happening shortly.
  • Have a Barber Trifecta Fuzz on the way that should be here today....and my board has changed, as it is wont to do, ever so slightly since the last update. But I've been playing out a lot more and I like where it's at now. But yes, the fuzz will require shuffling everything around, since fuzzes don't like buffers and as it stands right now, the buffer is the first thing in the chain.
  • Turned 26. So that was fun.
  • Still have to do a review of the Gravity Drive. Long story short, it's a Bluesbreaker clone! And I love it.
  • I never thought I'd do a bullet-point-format post? I guess I am getting to be like Karl....