Friday, August 28

In the beginning...

We all know how blogs go. Like 2,000 posts in the first 3 months, then an abrupt tailing off. It's human nature. Interests wax and wane, lives change and different things get more or less important. I had a blog; it still exists, but I constantly found myself with ideas that just wouldn't fit into it.

So I'm doing it again. This will be about a anything and everything that interests me. Right now, I'm a worship leader at any Catholic parish I can. I am passionate about guitar. And I love booze. Not like a frat boy pounding down his Natty Light or a high school girl enjoying a wine cooler. No, a lot more like Frank Sinatra. James Bond. Ernest Hemmingway. Men who drank alcohol with purpose. And that purpose was not getting drunk.

And so, this blog will probably start out a good mix of cocktails, guitar-related stuff, musings on worship, and really anything else that interests me. I've got a lot to write about right now, so expect the customary 2,000+ posts in the next few weeks. If it tails off, that's life. Just enjoy the ride!