Wednesday, October 21

Drink Spotlight: Schlafly Pumpkin Ale

So I'm now going to say something that at the same time makes no sense and yet still makes all the sense in the world. I have never before this Fall tried a pumpkin beer. Yet, at the same time, it simply cannot be Fall until I have had myself a pumpkin beer. Yeah. It makes sense in my head, but only in a weird, paradoxical, "there is no spoon" kind of way.

I love cocktails, but my first love will always be a great beer. Not so much wine, though. I mean, the girly, sweet, tasty wines are delicious, but I haven't had enough experience to appreciate fine wine. Though I suppose there's still time. But anyway, beer is an art form. You can tell because you can order anything from Bud Light to Guinness, and all the colors in between, and you always get something different but undeniably "beer". There's beer for all seasons, beer that is dark and hearty or light and refreshing, even dessert beer, though I would probably never enjoy a beer with ice least, not without trying it first...

Like I said, never had a pumpkin beer before, but I made it my mission this Fall to try every one I could and find my favorite. Well, I'm about 2 beers in, and this one is just great. It probably helps that Schlafly is a St. Louis product, meaning that even bottled, it's relatively fresh and newly bottled. What I particularly like about this beer is, well, it tastes pumpkin-y. I guess that's what I'm looking for in a pumpkin beer.

It's medium-dark in color, but fairly light in flavor. It's got a good, rich head that smells wonderfully of jack-'o-lanterns and pumpkin pie. If I'm not sick of it by then, I'll definitely be having this as at least an option to pair with Thanksgiving dinner. And without question, Fall will not have begun without this new seasonal tradition.

Sorry, I'm not so good at finding words to fill up something that I didn't actually physically make, but this beer really is quite good. If you're looking for something different, and more importantly, something for Fall and only for Fall, I'd recommend you give this one a shot.

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