Wednesday, October 14

PS3 vs. Guitar

So I have what's called an addictive personality.

I find one thing that I love, that intrigues and drives me, and then I devote myself entirely to that thing until I either master it (if it is a task that can be mastered) or kill it. This makes me good at things, but somewhat bad at people.

It's something that's given me the drive to learn guitar well enough to lead people in worship without being a distraction over the span of a summer. Like, literally, I had never touched a guitar, and then I spent multiple hours a day over a summer learning how to chord and strum, and I came back to school, ready to lead. And even that's not all that impressive to me, because it's just one more thing that I've been obsessed with.

The impetus for this post is that I just recently got a PS3 and have been playing Fallout 3 like it's my job. It's a game that speaks perfectly to my personality: long, lots of strategy to master, an over-arching goal that takes a lot of dedication to complete. What actually sucks is that it's started taking time away from my guitar, to the point where I have to make a concerted effort to get any playing time in on most days. And since I will probably be playing it for like another month, it's going to be a tough month for guitar.

(Fallout 3. Booyah.)

I just read a post on a new blog I found, WorshipWithGuitar that talked about how playing guitar should be more fun than playing with a PS3. That really spoke to me in this particular situation, because as of right now, it's about 50/50. I still play when I feel the need to create, or when I need to get ready for a Mass, but it's not the first thing I go to when I want to have fun, and hasn't been for a while. That really, really, really needs to change.

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