Saturday, December 5

Glen Hansard

That's right. Glen stepped away from the mic, unplugged his guitar, and just went with it.

So I was at a Swell Season concert last night. And, by at, I mean I was standing in the front row, piano side, the entire night. These videos were shot by a friend I was with who was standing right next to me, so that should give you some idea. For those of you who don't know the Swell Season, rent Once. If the above video (of my favorite song) didn't already, that movie, or at least the soundtrack, will change the way you think about passion in music.

I almost never bought the ticket. But then, I was at the show for three and a half hours, so I guess it was worth it... These guys are incredible, and if they ever come to your town, go.

A few more clips (unfortunately not the whole songs....):


  1. Wow, you saw them live? Where was that
    I love the movie. THink they'll be in Germany next year, have to see them

    Nice blog btw, I really like the name
    "Booze and Blues" - yeah

  2. Yeah, these clips were shot by a girl standing right next to me at The Pageant in St. Louis, and it was awesome! None of these clips have the full band in them, but all of The Frames (Glen's long-time band) were there, along with a random guitarist.