Wednesday, January 27

No time like the present...

Sorry for the severe lack of posts, it's been a ridiculously busy few weeks; we're getting ready for a retreat called Luke 18 and I've been having way too much fun building up a small band and playing electric guitar and in general rocking the crap out of things. My gear has changed (as it seems like it does weekly) and I've also started playing roller hockey for the first time since High School. I'm doing some photography to send to a coffee shop where I've got an upcoming gig, and some of it is actually looking pretty good. I've got about 100 posts to write but no time to write them! But I'll get back here soon...I hope...

1 comment:

  1. Bro! It happens! I think its called Life or something like that.
    But, in wordpress, they have a "schedule for later" option. So If I have a chance to write, I'll do 2-3 posts and schedule each 5-7 days apart. Who knows how many weeks it will be before I can stop and write a few more posts?

    Look forward to your next ones.