Friday, April 16

Patch Cables?

I realize that it's been a bit since I've put something up. I really want to get a pic of my newest board up, but my camera's down for a few days. It's only about half done (or as half-done as a pedalboard can ever be) anyway, since I've got Loopmaster parts coming eventually, but so far I absolutely love that I don't have to keep cannibalizing my board, week in and week out, to change things or sacrifice one effect I might use for one I definitely will. I've got room for everything now!

I do need to get more cables once my bypass strip is in; rather than having one patch cable for each effect, I'm going to need two. So I'll throw this out there: we all have experience with cables, but who's got a good opinion on the do-it-yourself brands? Lava, George L, Planetwave, whatever. I'm actually way more interested in keeping costs down than in getting super hi-fi cabling, but the best cost/quality ratio (in your opinion) would be helpful. I've also got some soldering skill, so I'd be comfortable assembling any of the brands (I think).


  1. I've been using George L's for a couple of years now. I've had no issue--- other than when you build them it says to "hand tighten" and thats a load of bunk. I had to quarter twist with pliers to make the connection. Being able to change them in a matter of minutes is perfect for when you keep redoing your board.
    I hear Lava is just as easy, but for me George L was cheaper. I think the best price online was actually at Analogman.

  2. Interesting. Have you noticed any real reliability problems? I hesitate to get solder-less cables because I worry about the connection, though I'm a lot less worried for patch-cables that don't move than, say, an instrument cable.