Tuesday, May 18


So my beloved acoustic is currently in the shop. In the two or so years that I've had it, I never had it set up, aside from my own clumsy attempts to adjust the truss rod to keep it from buzzing. But it's in the extremely capable hands of a guy named Skip Goez, who is the best tech in St. Louis, and has reportedly worked on the guitars of all of the biggest names to come through (Clapton is a name that stands out), and, oddly enough, my dad and his brothers were friends in high school. St. Louis really is the biggest little city in the world...

Anyway, not much else to talk about just yet. My loopmaster stuff is awaiting shipping, and I've been working more and more on piano. Maybe leave you with a cool new song? It's a band that John Mark McMillan has been digging and gigging with, and they're pretty sweet. This acoustic version is INSANE!

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