Wednesday, January 19

American Grog, take II


That's better.

American Grog:
  • 1 lump (cube) of sugar
  • juice of 1/4 of a lemon
  • 1 1/2 oz. rum (The Kracken!)
(Put ingredients in a hot whiskey glass and) fill with hot water. Stir.

It might just be the lighting, but there's a very interesting color to this drink. Part of it is almost certainly the rum I used; in keeping with the pirate/sailor theme, I chose a hearty, nautical-themed rum: The Kracken. It's a black spiced rum that is delightful. Of course, spiced rum is very different from non-spiced rum, but when it comes to rum, there's such a vast difference from one to the next that picking the "right" rum for this drink is probably more art than science. If I wanted to be completely correct, Pusser's Navy Rum is probably the closest we could get, but I chose something overproof with a lot of flavor, because that's how pirates roll in my mind. Plus, there's a freaking kracken doing battle with a pirate ship on the bottle. Come on.

Again, an interesting drink. Not one I'd turn to, but then Grog was never meant to be the height of drinking culture. The rum is definitely more suited than whiskey to this kind of drink, and the dilution makes this very easy to get down. The heat was nice on a(nother) cold day. If you're a pirate, give it a try.

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