Monday, January 24

A quick update from guitar world...

I should never bother saying "done!" when it comes to guitar. I know, I keep referencing how my gear constantly changes, but it seems like I'd learn to be okay with the constant change, to not feel the need to say that I've found the perfect rig for me....oh well.

Right now, I've started the long, yet rewarding, process of soldering up my own patch cables for my entire board. I had some solderless cable kit from Livewire, which was okay. It was really convenient. The cables suck, though. Really unreliable when you move them around at all. Which, with my (and most other guitarists') inability to pick a setup and stick with it, is not exactly a good feature.

It's also giving me a chance to develop my soldering skills, which is awesome. I'm using Canare GS-6 cable and G&H Showsaver plugs, which have a copper core so they conduct really well. I was going to use GS-4 cable, but for 50 feet of cable, the difference was like $15. The plugs were the expensive part, by a lot. I'm making 22 cables for my electric board and 3 or 4 for my acoustic one, which is more than 50 plugs. I kind of sprung for good ones, but even the cheap ones would have run in excess of $100 for as many cables as I'm making, just for the plugs. I guess I figured, it's probably cheaper in the long run to do it right the first time.

Pictured: ingenuity!

I've got a lot of work to do, but it's fun to have a project. And once I'm done, I won't really have any more excuses to put more money into my effects, other than perhaps buying more effects....but I'll finally have some rationale to upgrade my amps!

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