Wednesday, June 1

New Gear: Westbury W20 "The Tube" Overdrive

So the last few weeks have been a bit crazy; sorry! As promised though, here's a quick demo of a pedal that I got in a trade on Craigslist. I like it, but I can't justify keeping it so it's out on the Gearpage as we speak, with perhaps a stop on eBay in it's future. So if you like it and you're interested, shoot me an e-mail!

I present, the Westbury W20 "The Tube" Overdrive:

Here we've got a Gretsch hollowbody going into the tube, into my Blues Jr. And some less-than-spectacular playing, combined with some in-demo tuning. Recorded on the iPhone. All the makings of a rock star, I tell you....

It's an interesting pedal. Clearly, it's not transparent. The closest comparison I can make is that it's similar to a Tubescreamer, except that there's a 12ax7 tube in it so it's much warmer. From all of the information I can gather, it was made in Japan in the 1980's, then re-released by Nady once they bought Westbury. There are some people who really, really love it and seek it out since it's super rare. It does have some pretty nice drive at lower gain levels, but it's just got way more than I think I'll ever need. Maybe not though. I'm kind of on the fence, but I'm not in love with it.


  1. Hi. Do you still have this pedal for sale?



  2. Nope, sorry man. It sold at the beginning of the month. Thanks anyway!

  3. I have one of these and I use it with a SS LabSeries 2-12, guitar is an Electra x420 Custom Pro-335,no f-holes, concidered a semi-acoustic, very nice guitar to say the least. This is my first pedal, as in your demo it is very warm, but crank it up with tweaking of my amp and this thing gets tone to the bone. even my back up practice J-T strat sounds good with the W-20. Mine will be upfor sale soon as I dont play out anymore and at venue volumes in the house it is way more than I need, so I,ll pass this on to someone that can really use it to its fullest! I wouls love to hear more vid of this pedal being used. They are rare but you want to have an ear for them.

  4. Hi, the Westbury W20 is a very nice pedal. If your interested in a review of the pedal as well as a high quality demo recorded with high quality microphones then see my blog at
    I will be posting a demo very soon of the Westbury as well as a Holmes Mississippi Bluesmaster. You really can't hear itin this video, the the Westbury has a very smooth tone to it. The best way to describe it is that it has a very rounded tone to it.