Sunday, September 20

A little light recording...

I've always been fascinated with recording equipment. It all started when I got to my Newman center in college. I wanted to get into music (this was before I played guitar and way before I even thought I could lead worship), and we had a soundboard that no one else could tame. So I took some time to learn it, and inside of six months, I knew the sound system inside and out. And it was a pretty good little sound system, but then our building burned down and we had to scramble to get by. So who got the call?

So I had a lot of on-the-job training as a sound guy, and now I need some stuff for my very own. I guess I'm getting recording equipment so that I can record my own stuff, but who knows how far it will go or how much work Ill be putting into it. As of right now, I got a small interface and a copy of ProTools to put on my computer, and I'm working on learning the in's and out's, but my first goal is to pick up a few microphones. Specifically, I need something to put in front of my electric, and something for vocals. Any suggestions?

This is another journey, more different from the guitar one, so you can follow me as I slowly build a sweet recording studio out of nothing!

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