Saturday, September 26

Of "v"s and "x"s

Man, it feels like a week since I've posted...oh, wait. I will have you know that, for some reason, my keyboard has decided to throw a few keys. I can no longer make a "v" or an "x". I'm reduced to copy/pasting. Oh, the trials I must suffer through.

It's funny, you don't realize how much you need a "v" until you don't have it anymore. I'm lucky the other key is an "x", because if it were actually used more than once per page, you know, like an "e", I would just snap. But then, the good thing about working in an IT department is that we have tons of spare, cheap keyboards just sitting around. Something to be resolved on Monday.

I'm also reminded of a psychological phenomenon, mainly because I have spent a lot of time searching through random websites to find an "x" lurking within. It has something to do with chunking in that it is impossible to look at printed text and only see letters. Our brains are just too smart for us. It's an evolutionary advantage to be sure, because think of how much harder we would have to work if our brains didn't automatically chunk letters together into coherent words. But it does make it difficult to look at a screen full of words and pick out the "x".

So there's my psychology degree earning it's keep.

Kind of feeding off of my last post, I've been thinking a lot about sound. Over the last week (and I was just really close to saying "O'er", since that would be way easier...), my thoughts have gone everywhere from just buying an SM57 to record everything, to scores of microphones for every conceivable application, to making sound-dampening pads and turning my room into a studio (but where would the bed go?), to quitting my job and going back to school for sound engineering, to also quitting my job and taking up pro-audio installation. And my dad knows a guy in the biz...

I tend to have a problem with day-dreaming at work.

And of course, since my life-goal is not to be an IT technician for the rest of my life, maybe my next job will be somewhere in that area. And since I plan on being a low-paid worship leader, the more skillz I can bring to the job, the better. And this post is pretty random. I guess my head is just all o'er the place tonight.

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