Saturday, January 22

Angel's Tip

Angel's Tip:
  • 3/4 oz. Creme de Cacao
  • 1/4 oz. cream
Float cream on Creme de Cacao in a Pousse Cafe (shot) glass and garnish with cherry.

Yep, here we have a shot composed almost entirely of Creme de Cacao. Can you guess what I thought about it?

I will say, the cherry added a lot to the shot. I really need to find a Creme de Cacao that I like, but I'm afraid that this grand experiment in mixology is going to turn me off of the stuff for good. Too sweet, too chemically-tasting. When straight cream is used as a mellowing agent, you know it's got to be rough.


  1. This one looks pretty, but doesn't sound appetizing.

  2. Yeah. Turns out though, eating the cherry as you're drinking the shot helps a lot. I have to make a mental note to come back and try some of these again when I find a good creme de cacao (which is ironic, since Marie Brizard is a great brand, but I guess even the best brands can't do everything well), or maybe go shopping sometime soon and start subbing in a different product. But it goes to show you, garbage in, garbage out.